Love in a Jar



Love in a Jar
19 May 2015

My best friend has a lemon tree. I don’t. She is 5 foot flat. I’m not. My tiny best friend has limited access to the full stash of lemons from her heaving tree, so I help myself to the bounty just out her reach.

Her lemons have been sitting waiting patiently for me to get my act together and make lemon curd. Yesterday I did that.

As I washing the old jars from the cupboard, I noticed all the remnants of old labels that remained. I thought about the act of giving, receiving and then giving again. The cycle is beautiful. What jams or preserves have been in all these jars before? Who has enjoyed them on their golden toast in the morning? What friendships have these jars been part of? I started to get a little emotional about the whole thing. Of course. As I do.

These jars of lemon curd, made from my best buddies lemon tree, will be heading out in to the world for new adventures! Hopefully they’ll make their way back in to my cupboard again one day.

Jade’s Lemon Tree Lemon Curd

What You Need

As you are aware I am a big believer of while you’re in the kitchen, make the most of your time and make HEAPS! I have halved what I used, as I went a little crazy. But this will give you enough to give to friends and keep yourself happy too.

  • zest and juice of 8 lemons, from a tree you love (or organic if you can’t find a trustworthy tree)
  • 400g caster sugar
  • 200g of unsalted butter, cubed
  • 6 happy eggs, plus 2 extra yolks for good luck, lightly whisked

What You Need to Do

  1. Grab yourself a saucepan, big enough to put a mixing bowl over the top, and get some water to the boil, then turn down to simmer.
  2. Pop the lemon juice, zest, butter and sugar in a mixing bowl and place on the saucepan. Make sure the saucepan doesn’t touch the water. That’s important.
  3. Give it a stir every now and then until the butter has melted.
  4. Stir in the eggs and cook for 15 minutes, giving it a little stir every few minutes.
  5. Take the bowl off the heat and let cool down. It will thicken up more as it cools down. Give it a whisk once in a while.
  6. Ladle your delicious curd in to your sterilised jars of love.
  7. Place cute labels on them for the people you think are great.
  8. Give them to the people you think are great, watch their face light up with love, joy and pure appreciation for the effort in the offering you’ve made.

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  • lemon curd is one of those ridiculously easy things to make that just gives so much joy.
    I love making it too- that smell of the zested lemons! DIVINE.
    LOVE the recipe writing kate.
    delightful. as always.

  • I love this post and I love lemon curd too. Kate, I have surplus quinces at the moment and I have been making quince curd. It feels so fancy but really it is so simple…quince curd tart anyone? x

  • hugoandelsa says:

    I adore lemon curd! And I adore this post! My lemons are not quite ready but they will be soon! xx

  • Warwick Berry says:

    Maybe you could save some for Daddy?

  • Yum! All kinds of yum! Lemon curd was high on my must make preserving list this year. For some reason I was a bit terrified of it, the egg thing maybe. So thank you, you’ve totally made me feel like I need to go raid a lemon tree now. xx

  • oh delish! My mouth is tingling just reading about it. Just canned a whole heap of pear and cardamon goodness last week and now the quinces and lemons need a little attention as well. Will be using your recipe!

  • Trustworthy trees & happy eggs! What a delightful image/thought 🙂
    My little tiny lemon tree only has two lemons on it but I hope in years to come she will become a trustworthy tree because I have lots & lots of happy eggs x

  • My tree of meyer lemons has just ripened so its curd-o-clock for me again this year too. I’ll try your recipe this year I think! 🙂

  • Kate, that sounds so good and the jars of curd looks like edible sunshine. What a wonderful gift to give to someone.

  • Kylie says:

    Lemon curd is just one of those magic things that warms the heart. Thanks for your writing it has inspired me to find some lemons! Thanks also for coming to Qld and sharing some stuff with us – it was very nice to meet you.

  • Gillian Clifford says:

    Great recipe thanks Kate I’ve just made four jars of lovely lemon curd and I can’t wait to eat them… I mean give them to friends! Quick question how long does it last and do I store in the fridge or pantry?

    • Lunch Lady says:

      Oh how delicious!!!! Pop them in the fridge, or feel free to pop them in the post, to me! x