Meet Doron and Stephanie of Homecamp – lovers of nature, outdoor adventures and great design!


Your Bell Tents look so damn good! Tell us about more about the design.

The bell tent design has been around for over 150 years and for good reason – they are a remarkably simple design, easy to set up and you get a lot of space for minimal effort. Being able to stand up in a tent is key and sleeping under canvas instead of plastic is an absolute pleasure.

Yes, we have a fetish for good design. We have put a lot of effort into refining this classic design, adding Homecamp details and ensuring the materials and build are up to the rigours of camping in Australian conditions.

Camping is the best, but even better when your gear is awesome…

Totally true! There’s no harm in your gear looking good as well as being practical!

There’s a huge difference in buying products that are well designed, fit for purpose and will last a lifetime, rather than the current fashion for cheaply manufactured products that are practically disposable.

We want to help people rediscover the joy of being outdoors by equipping them with high quality products that help them along the way. A little comfort encourages a longer stay and more opportunity to experience nature’s magic.

Are you really the outdoors types?!

Ha, yes we are outdoor types in that we both grew up in families that camped regularly and both enjoy getting outdoors. However, you don’t have to be Bear Grylls to enjoy camping and nature. Although we currently live in the city (Melbourne), we make it a priority to get away and disconnect as much as possible.

Saying that, we have been lucky enough to go on some epic camping and hiking trips together – USA National Parks, Kamchatka (in far Eastern Russia), NZ, Arnhem Land and hiking the Larapinta Trail. Doron has just got back from crossing the Simpson Desert in a 4WD. I guess it’s about how you choose to spend your time. We believe the benefits from getting out into nature are powerful, that’s why it’s central to our lifestyle.

Bush or beach? What does your dream camp spot look like?

Tough call. Beach for me, bush for Doron. Now that we have a toddler, I think beach wins as it keeps her occupied for so long. Preferably a combination of both – somewhere like the Otways or Wilsons Prom in Victoria is a great spot for exactly that reason.

Apart from the Bell Tent, what else is in your essential camping kit?

Good friends, delicious food and wine, a quality mattress (we recommend ‘Exped Megamat’ – worth the investment!), an Aeropress for coffees in the morning, comfy camp chairs and a roaring fire.

What did you both do before becoming Homecamp?

I worked for a PR agency for about nine years and before Homecamp, Doron ran an organic food box delivery service and worked for a healthy chocolate company.

Was there a definitive moment when you both realised you had the conviction to step into a new business?

Doron has always been very entrepreneurial with great ideas and a strong conviction to work for himself. For me it was more unexpected and it was actually during an inspiring conference I attended that I decided to just jump in and do it.

Any challenges that have felt too big? How did you overcome them?

Plenty! Running your own business is challenging in many ways. As a start up business, managing cash flow can be tough but something you get better at. Facing up to problems head on and asking for help from people with experience has helped. Also working with your husband/wife has its moments! We’ve tried to overcome this by dividing up our roles as much as possible and taking responsibility for our own areas of the business.

What is the philosophy that drives Homecamp?

Homecamp is all about inspiring people into the outdoors – whether that’s a camping trip or a simple walk in nature. We see camping as something almost anyone can do and it’s a gateway to bigger adventures.

What makes you most proud of Homecamp?

Getting positive feedback from our customers about our products and how they’ve been enjoyed in the outdoors.

How do you want Homecamp to be remembered?

We want to be remembered as a company that stands for good and authentic values, inspires people into the outdoors, and provides high quality and much loved, useful products that keep our customers happy.


** Keep an eye out for Stephanie and Doron’s first book ‘Homecamp: Stories and Inspiration for the Modern Traveller’. Comes out on Nov 1, 2018. You can have a peek here.

You can check out the their website here and have a look at their Instagram here.

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